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  • WIL - Recycling Plants
  • WIL - Recycling Plants
  • WIL - Recycling Plants
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Every new recycling site has individual requirements for which we:

  • study your markets in depth
  • derive concepts and business plans
  • select the right equipment for your requirements
  • help you get financing for your plant
  • implement and install turn-key facilities tailored to specific input and output markets
  • set up and operate networks of tyre collection
  • train your staff to run complete recycling facilities
  • help you sort, trade, and pre-process scrap tyres as feedstock for high value material production in your plant
  • can operate your entire facility
  • select and develop markets for high value derivative products and distribute them through our own world-wide customer networks


Let‘s pool our resources,
combining profitability with
environmentally friendly uses
of an innovative material.

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