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WIL is focussed on ascertaining that starting a new recycling enterprise becomes a rewarding experience for our customers. Engaging WIL is a step-by-step process in which each step has its own success criteria and produces results as prerequisites for the next step.

Planning from A to Z

Our customers usually start with a concept and invite vendors to quote various components of a system. Pretty soon they are faced with questions that - without experience - are difficult to answer. In WIL’ approach we ask all the tough questions first. We will not offer solutions or make proposals unless all the questions have been answered satisfactorily. If too many unknowns remain we offer to first complete a research effort in which we evaluate the supply situation (collection business), as well as segment, characterize, qualify, and quantify the markets for the proposed projects. We then propose to develop a written Business Plan based on that research which will act as a bankable blueprint for all technical, financial, functional, and market related aspects of the overall recycling facility implementation. All fees for ordered Research, Business Planning and Financial Planning modules can be applied towards the eventual EPC contract.

Financing Services

Having helped a number of customers obtain financing for their facilities, we know what it takes to prepare a coherent Business and Finance Plan that will induce lending institutions to fund the project, or that can be used to apply for government grants. Our plans have achieved high marks from analysts of several banks for their clarity and plausibility. Let us assist you in choosing a lender, preparing all the documents (a typical submission is 220 pages long), and in convincing the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). Once all plans have been completed and the economic and technical parameters approved by the customer, WIL takes responsibility for engineering all systems as complete solutions. This often involves cooperation with the architectural and planners and construction companies. Installation at the customer’s site is always included in our price. Hand-over will only occur after several test operation cycles have been performed.

Hands-on training and operations

GOur customers’ staff usually undergo a training period for every step in the process. To become proficient in the collection, sorting and pre-processing methods, we offer training programs at a large German disposal site. To become familiar with all the details of the equipment, personnel are also required to be present during installation of the systems. Usually the customer will only prepare the building and supply the infrastructure such as power systems, air, water and drainage systems. WIL will take on the responsibility of the rest. Optionally, WIL can take over operation of the completed plant for an initial period to ensure smooth take-over by the customer’s team.

Marketing and distribution

All products that can be fabricated by WIL’ equipment can be produced and distributed royalty free. Our customers can optionally market some products under the WIL`s brand for a royalty fee. The trading division of WIL will also handle sales of the customer’s products at pre-agreed quantities and terms. Alternatively, marketing and distribution (both local and international) of the products can be fully outsourced to WIL. This service includes product planning, sales, and distribution, as well as a web-shop solution.


Let‘s pool our resources,
combining profitability with
environmentally friendly uses
of an innovative material.

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